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When should children start studying languages?

It is known by all that children have an amazing learning capacity. And that is why the age at which they receive English classes is getting ahead. However, we can ask ourselves the following questions: Is this appropriate? When should children start studying languages?

cuando se debe empezar a estudiar un idioma

The European Union

The European Union believes that learning languages ​​at an early age can be very beneficial for children. In a study presented in 2006, they concluded that by learning new languages ​​they develop their linguistic competence better assimilate all languages ​​(including the mother tongue). And they also learn about other cultures and ways of thinking that can help in their general development.

Knowledge of other languages, and in particular English and / or German, allows people to communicate with other people and obtain information that until now has been “banned” for Spaniards, simply because we do not know the language.

Easier for them

A child can easily learn a second (or third) language from a young age and, although they tend to have more problems initiating speech, they soon diversify the words according to the language they are speaking.

Learning English and/or German is beneficial for the general vocabulary of children, helps the knowledge of other cultures and allows us to understand the information that comes to us from most corners of the world, the sooner you start, the better. Of course, always through games, songs, crafts, videos … so that they can learn while having fun and in a totally natural way.

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