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The most spoken languages in the world

The most spoken languages in the world

There are currently 7 billion inhabitants in the world, among whom we share around 7 thousand different languages.

The most spoken languages ​​in the world

Languages of the world

Many of these languages ​​are almost out of use due to globalization and the arrival in cities of many inhabitants of the interior areas of the countries, where most of these small languages ​​are still preserved.

Others, on the other hand, have been increasing their number of speakers enormously, either by language training programs or by population growth. Currently, and according to Ethnologue, these are the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, which you can learn thanks to Tau Formar language courses.

  • Mandarin Chinese: 1,231 million speakers
  • Spanish: 329 million speakers
  • English: 328 million speakers
  • Arabic: 221 million speakers
  • Indian: 182 million speakers
  • Bengali: 181 million speakers
  • Portuguese: 178 million speakers
  • Russian: 144 million speakers
  • Japanese: 122 million speakers
  • German: 90 million speakers.
The most spoken languages in the world

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