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Why studying English will help you find a job

Nowadays it is essential to have languages ​​to look for (and find) work, either in Spain or abroad. Many times we have a very good CV, a good training, but because we do not have a good level of English, we are not eligible for many of the job offers that exist.

Why studying English?

Although it is not the most widely spoken language in the world, its importance and presence is undeniable. There are many professional sectors in which English is spoken and read: economy, industry, business, international trade, health, hospitality, tourism … English has also been adopted as the vehicular language of international communication.

If we do a search for any of the job offers that we can find, we quickly realize that, if we have a good level of English, our chances of being a possible candidate increase significantly.

No more excuses

It’s probably going through your head that now you don’t have time to study, that what you need is to work. Nor are we going to deny that learning a language (or anything) requires effort, time and dedication that sometimes we do not have. You can even think “I’m not good at languages”. These are all excuses. You can study English despite your age, how good or bad you are, or how little time you have. As they say in English: “where there’s a will, there’s a way” (where there is desire, there is a way to do it).

Learning a language can be enjoyable and fun. Yes, learning can be fun. 😉

At TAU, we also offer you the possibility of learning a language at a cost of 0, yes, you read that correctly. Without paying a penny. In addition to learning, you will have a good time, and you will improve your CV, making it more competitive than that of others who do not have the language. This is what can make a difference on our resume.

In short, studying English is almost essential today, since it not only affects our lives at work, but we live in an increasingly globalized world in which it is increasingly important to speak several languages. You dare?

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