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Online Classes

The advantages of technology

Currently I also give online classes. The implementation of technology in the classroom has allowed language teachers to promote and adopt student-centred approaches.

Technology can lead to the development of learning environments, support cross-cultural communication, foster critical thinking, and engage and motivate learners, but it does not guarantee successful learning in itself.

Like all tools, the utility of a technology ultimately depends on how, when and why it is implemented. Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM) applications are on the frontline as one of the most widely used social networking platforms holding great potential for language learning and teaching.

I take advantage of applications like WhatsApp, which have no pedagogical intention, to help students improve their skills.

I do not only give my lessons face-to-face, but I also offer online classes, using platforms such as Teams and Blackboard.

Sometimes I even have part of my students in class, and the other part at home, which allows everybody to follow their lessons in the way they prefer.

Learn playing (with online classes too!)

Games play a significant role in my lessons. It is an essential aspect of teaching to use games and enjoyable activities in class.

A fun way to help students make links between words and grammar is to play games. Games enable English speakers, both native and international, to develop their language capacity. Playing class games also helps direct attention, promote engagement, improve energy levels, and create trust.

Besides, when playing games in class, timid or silent students tend to open up and speak English.

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