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Negative Have

Don’t have or haven’t got? That’s the question…

Many times I have seen my students make this mistake: I haven’t time. If you’re one of those people who also say it, you should read this post 😉

Both have and have got mean the same, but have got is more informal. It is often used in speaking, especially in British English.


Affirmative sentences

Have Affirmative
Have affirmative

Be careful!

1. The contracted forms ‘ve or ‘s are only used with have got – not with have.

have got right wrong

2. Do not use an auxiliary with have got – only with have. Be careful when using negations.

have got right wrong

3. have cannot always be substituted with have got. You can only substitute have with have got when you talk about possession and relationships.

have got wrong right

► In American English have is dropped in informal speech like in the following example.

We‘ve got a problem. → We got a problem.

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