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Do English titles expire?

Our students often ask us if the certificates and degrees in English issued by the University of Cambridge (KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE) expire. Apparently there is some confusion on this topic.

University of Cambridge

Some universities and companies have internal selection policies that require candidates or students who apply for jobs or university degrees not only to have obtained a language training certification, but also to have obtained it within specific dates. In most cases, they do not accept degrees or certifications that are more than two years old.

It is true that this can lead to confusion, and think that English titles have an expiration date. But Cambridge certificates do not have an expiration date printed on the document, so they are considered valid for life. The certificate certifies that the candidate demonstrated the language skills necessary to pass the level on a specific date.

Your level of a language have date of expiry

The fact that some companies or universities do not accept too old English degrees is due to the fact that languages, if they are left out of use and not practiced, become stagnant and fluency is lost. That is why companies and universities ask that it be demonstrated that measures have been taken to continue in contact with English and its practice.

There are only 2 exceptions within Cambridge degrees that do have an expiration date: IELTS and BULATS, which are valid for 2 years.

We hope this has solved your doubts regarding English titles!

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