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APAC ELT Convention 2021

The implementation of technology in the classroom has allowed language teachers to promote and adopt student-centred approaches. Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM) applications are on the frontline,  holding great potential for language learning and teaching. Industry reports that there has been a significant growth of people owning smartphones, and using Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM) applications.  MIM applications have emerged as potential tools to enhance learning English as a second language (Tang, Y. & Hew, K. F., 2017; Andújar, 2019).  Realising the importance of MIM applications and education co-evolving in mutually supportive roles to bridge the gap between formal and informal learning (Tan & So, 2014), we will explore the use of WhatsApp used as a support tool for various classroom activities. I keep in touch with my students through the class Whatsapp group, as well as provide them with activities to support their learning. Most of the students own smartphones but the other few are connected to the class group with their parents’ smartphones. I would like to share some ways I use WhatsApp as a support tool to enhance and improve learning English as a foreign language.

Dunya is an experienced teacher of English as a Second Language to teenagers and adults, both face-to-face and online. She is a PhD candidate in Education and ICT (E-learning) at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). She is also a lecturer in the Master in Bilingual Education at Valencia International University (VIU). Her research interests include L2 learning and teaching, social networks, cross-platform instant messaging applications, Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL), Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), ICTs, and gamification.

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