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Teacher & challenge lover Dunya Martínez

About meDunya Martínez


I’m very cheerful, and I always see the bright side of life, no matter what. Actually, I always say that positive things happen to positive people; that’s my motto.

I’m always ready for a challenge, and I am brutally honest (this has caused me some problems, as you can imagine).

I just love being a teacher and enjoy every minute of it.

Conference & Online classes


Dunia is the best teacher I have ever had, she explains very well, she makes the classes with entertaining and no one gets bored.


I think Dunya has been the best English teacher I’ve had because the classes with her don’t make me boring, since she explains very well and I understand everything.

Laura R.

For me, Dunya is the best English teacher I’ve ever had. Because she is super generous and attentive to all her students and she explains things very well and always gives her best so that we understand all.

Marc J.

In my opinion Dunya is a great teacher because in her classes I am able to understand everything she explains.

Carlota A.

I think Dunya is a great teacher. She is really patient and she makes the lessons in a way that time pass quickly and not boring.

Natalia O.

I think Dunya is a very good teacher because she nows a lot of English and she makes classes where you work but also they are funny

David A.

I speak of…

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